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*floating above the ground*

Aww, feel so good after finishing new book by Eli Easton (male\male romance) *_*

Just like I was feeling after this book and that book.



Я думаю, что я самая последняя, кто узнал запасной адрес сайта torrents.ru ^^;;
На всякий случай, он тут: rutracker.org
Перекачиваю торенты. Подсела я там на Олимпиаду :) Сейчас фигурное катание смотрю и дневники Олимпиады.


Snow, lots of snow.

Well, it's winter, you know :D

pics of snowCollapse )

I could make more pics, but batteries'd got empty...


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all, who celebrates!

Christmas can come now :D

Yay! I've got a Christmas present!
Thank you very much, dear Usi! ♥

Aww! I'm so very happy!
Thank you again and again, Usi! *hugs*


bk1 gift code

Yahoo! I've just found out where to write the special gift code in japanese online book store BK1 :D So got my books for 300 yen less (it's Euro 2,19 or $ 3,28)

Ordered these 2 knitting books (booklets/magazines)

LUSH addict here

I'd love to try this shower gel *_*


new English drama - Emma

Waiting for Emma *_*
Yeah, I know I'm slow. Haven't realize for ages I can watch English drama here, lol ^^;;

Recently watched Tess Of The D'Urbervilles. And re-watched Pride and Prejudice.


new shoes :)

I've just bought new shoes. They seem very comfortable.
Мои новые туфли.


Yahoo! New knitting books :D

Thank you very much, Usi! ♥